Our Dance Mom’s, “Take On Abby” promo was shouted as buzz-worthy by the buzz-centric Buzzfeed.

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The Roger team and all our friends celebrated the holidays at Bottlerock.  Check out all our Roger shenanigans below!

2012_12_14_205627 2012_12_14_205803 2012_12_14_210024 2012_12_14_210214 2012_12_14_210355


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Team Roger recently collaborated with Director Jim Zoolalian and Razorfish San Francisco / Portland to deliver all the post for this anthemic spot showcasing future sales technology for the Toyota Dealer show.

We shot all the devices with tracking marks used to track, animate, and composite screen visuals for each vignette throughout the piece. Our in house editorial handled color correction and teamed up with Jingle Punks and New Hat music to deliver a complete spot to the fine folks at Toyota. Enjoy!

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We were excited to collaborate with AMC on this stylish, designed series of animations promoting the different film properties featured as part of MOB WEEK. Check out the promo below or go to our website for more details… http://roger.tv/work/mob-week/

AMC Mob Week from Roger LoudAndClear on Vimeo.

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Checkout British photographer Will Robson’s new website! Its full of eye candy we think you will enjoy!


We had a blast shooting the HGTV tent at this years Comic-Con with our good friends Theo Jemison, Grace Oh, and Arthur Mor. Here are a few snap shots we got on location!

Raggedy Ann double take!

We were stoked to participate in this years Bloomfest 2012. The festival took over our neighborhood for the day with a local grassroots feel of local made artist goods, live music, and community experience curated events. For our part we created the neighborhood bicycling frog as he tours the hot spots of our area on his way to Bloomfest. Check out the video here.

A frog goes to Bloomfest from Roger LoudAndClear on Vimeo.

To see footage of the event, checkout our very own Justin Wilcott’s time lapse photography…..

Bloomfest 2012 Time Lapse from Roger LoudAndClear on Vimeo.

Roger just wrapped 2 hot, hot shoots with the fine folks over at HGTV for their on air campaign promoting the season of outdoor living. We had a blast on set in Austin & Toronto, but did we mention it was hot??? Check out these behind the scenes pics of our team taking in the sights of Austin, Texas!

Austin Shenanigans Austin Shenanigans Austin Shenanigans Austin Shenanigans

The team at Roger was given the opportunity to create a short for an amazing local organization called Hollygrove LA. Their team asked Roger to deliver a piece that would help potential donors understand what Hollygrove provides for at risk children in our community and assist in enouraging donations. We also wanted to develop an inspiring and creative piece that would help raise awareness for a great organization that caters to the needs of our own city.

This video premiered as a part of the fundraiser celebration of Hollygrove’s 100th year in Hollywood.

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Roger was inspired by chalk lines and iconic character animation that we shrouded in mysterious shadows to create this Fox Sports package that will brand their Major League Baseball coverage for the season.

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We created this fun, young and edgy graphics package for the Nickelodeon giveaway for their band Big Time Rush!

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The team at Roger spent this Sunday at the Downtown Independent theater where Creative Director, Terry Lee premiered his short film ‘Cypress Valley’ at second annual LA Film + Music Weekend.

The festival included three days of programming including award-winning features, short films, and documentaries as well as live music and after parties. Celebrities and up-and-comers alike walked the red carpet to enjoy their work on the big screen.

Terry (writer/director) was joined by Kiel Johnson (writer/art director) and Devon Tsuono (Cypress College Professor) for a Q&A following the screening where they talked about everything from how the project came together to the late nights spent at Roger in the final weeks to wrap the project for it’s Premiere. Click the photo below for some stills of the premiere and watch the trailer here.


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Come out this Sunday (3/25) and check out the premiere of Cypress Valley High plus a Q&A by Terry Lee and Kiel Johnson the Downtown Independent!

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Our good buddy Crabbey recently collaborated with the talented crew of We’re Still Friends for this epic homage to the bacon wrapped hot dogs and the women who make them. Check it out here…
Huff Post

Here is a montage of a few projects we labored over recently, we hope you enjoy!

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Roger was very bubbly about getting the opportunity to team up with MTV and production co. Snackaholic for the “It Gets Better” special for MTV. Roger created the show open and graphics packages for the special that aired on MTV on Feb. 21. Dan Savage created itgetsbetter.org in response to the epidemic of suicide amongst gay teens. He wanted to share the message with gay teens that life GETS BETTER after school and that there are thousands of people out there that care about them and can show proof that life DOES get better. The internet sensation on Youtube.com and itgetsbetter.org has united people from all over to share their story. Even President Obama has sent a message!


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Roger has worked with quite a few talented folks over the years, most of them are still working with us today on projects that bring our talents together under one roof. Then there are those that move on, literally, to like Brazil, and start a motion graphics school. We recently caught up with our friend Paulo Silva “Blob”. who did just that.Tap in to his brain and read all about his journey here…

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Team Roger was hired by advertising agency Mother NY to create a fun, quirky animation for a JC Penney spot in December. Terry and Janice took a night drive to the JC Penney store at a mammoth-sized mall in Arcadia to watch our work in action on a wall of TVs surrounded by beds on display. Though taking a nap on a lovely bed was enticing, Terry and Janice instead hobnobbed with the folks from Interrogate and Mother while the crew worked their magic. What came out of it was pretty funny, but don’t blink or you might miss our contribution!

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We are absolutely in love with this video by the art department of Bethany Lutheran College!
The film also came along with a hand crafted box of candy…How sweet! Check it out here.

Bethany Lutheran College Bethany Lutheran College

Seth Weiner PST: UNTITLED COLLECTIVE, Golden Crest Poster_Front PST: UNTITLED COLLECTIVE Golden Crest Poster_Front Untitled Collective "Anachronistic Twin Cities" 2011 Proposal Untitled Collective "Value Valet" Proposal Twitter Carrier Pigeon. Sketch of Disruption / Pigeon GPS. Seth Weiner Twitter Carrier Pigeon. I-94, Minnesota. Seth Weiner

Seth Weiner, a Sci-arc graduate and long time friend of Roger, recently collaborated on an installation at the Standard Hotel as part of the on going PST exhibits happening in Los Angeles.

Turns out, we have been following Seth’s work for a while. Take a moment to read our Q&A session with Seth where we tap in to his experiences as a fine artist who found his niche through an Architectural school, and his journey from Michigan to the thriving LA art scene as a working fine artist. He will share with you his secrets of past, present, and still to come projects… Read the full article here:

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Get your fill of testosterone with these adrenaline filled identities we created for ‘The Block’

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This montage is from the vaults of Roger Parties. The year was 2009, and if you were here, you may have gotten a pair of rad @AshiDashi socks thrown at you. Take a trip down montage memory lane here…

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“It Gets Better” is the tag line and name adopted by Dan Savage for the organization he founded in 2010 to prevent LGBT teen suicide. Fast forward to January 2012. . .the “It Gets Better Project” has received over 30,000 video entries and more than 40 million views on their website. Not to mention that by the end of the month, a television show of the same name, that is based on the organization will premiere on MTV.

Roger was honored to be part of the movement by creating the graphics package for the show. It was designed to convey the idea of a community banding together to prevent LGBT teen suicide. The end result was a colorful tapestry of positivity. Booyah! Check out the show open we created below and don’t forget to watch MTV for the premiere!

Are you interested in the “It Gets Better Project”? Want to get involved and learn more? Just go to www.itgetsbetter.org to join the community!

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We were asked to make a short piece about optimism for the OWN network. When we showed this to Oprah Winfrey she was like: “Uhhhh, I don’t get it”. Whatever Oprah, we like it.

Roger is extremely honored to have recently created a :30 PSA for the American Cancer Society to encourage new mothers to quit smoking.

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Hey there, checkout the teasers we sent to TBS for the Conan O’Brian Network launch last fall. We are all big fans of the Masturbating Bear so when they asked us to pitch on some teasers for the show we were like, “Oh hell yah!” We did this whole thing down and dirty. We cleared out some space at R&R and set up a shoot with all our friends.

We got our resident thespian, Dane, a man of a million voices to play the part of all the male leads.

Here’s beth strutting her stuff

Blake played the part of Conan’s Hair

Theo and Grace helped us setup a proper green screen.

Anyway here is the one that actually made it on air.


Here are the other entrants that won’t make it on TBS. We loved them so much that we wanted to share.

Conan Invasion

Conan Invasion 2

Conan Sex God

A Roger classic! ME TV is our idea of a fun and playful look into the creative mind of a kid. Enjoy!

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