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Here’s a lil project that never saw the light of day. In the interest of never letting good ideas die, we’d like to share them with ya’ll. Roger was tapped to create a series of webisodes to promote the release of Ladytron’s album, Velocifero.

It was an interesting process from the get go. We had an initial call with members of the band who told us to go wild. They had some initial thoughts on tone and broad aesthetic suggestions but really kept it open creatively. One interesting reference they had was to a dream sequence in the animated film Watership Down.

The overall tone of the movie is pretty dark. Which to us seemed like a welcome change to the work we usually produce. We felt the need to flex our emo muscle…(its the tear duct).

1st Direction

In our first effort we pitched the idea of having four vignettes strung together with a loose narrative. The over-arching theme was the idea of escape from the industrialization of the world. Our main character is a young girl who changes between animal forms in order to outrun the big bad notion of Industry. In various vignettes, Industry is depicted as a polluted sludge monster, an industrial tornado or a wave of destruction much like the Nothing in the Never Ending Story.

Style Frames 01

Style Frames 02

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The Roger Talent Show was a full house, a big thanks to all who made it out last month and a HUGE thanks to our talented friends and performers of the night: MKF, Jeffrey D, ila, and our surprise guest all the way from philly, Justin Wicott! Check out some of the action from the show below.



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The glass is half full.

Repurposing advertisements, we created an animated collage on a simple idea: Optimism.

Directed by The Kube
Production by Roger
Music from Strange Bath by Jon Brion

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