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Hey there, checkout the teasers we sent to TBS for the Conan O’Brian Network launch last fall. We are all big fans of the Masturbating Bear so when they asked us to pitch on some teasers for the show we were like, “Oh hell yah!” We did this whole thing down and dirty. We cleared out some space at R&R and set up a shoot with all our friends.

We got our resident thespian, Dane, a man of a million voices to play the part of all the male leads.

Here’s beth strutting her stuff

Blake played the part of Conan’s Hair

Theo and Grace helped us setup a proper green screen.

Anyway here is the one that actually made it on air.


Here are the other entrants that won’t make it on TBS. We loved them so much that we wanted to share.

Conan Invasion

Conan Invasion 2

Conan Sex God