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This montage is from the vaults of Roger Parties. The year was 2009, and if you were here, you may have gotten a pair of rad @AshiDashi socks thrown at you. Take a trip down montage memory lane here…

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“It Gets Better” is the tag line and name adopted by Dan Savage for the organization he founded in 2010 to prevent LGBT teen suicide. Fast forward to January 2012. . .the “It Gets Better Project” has received over 30,000 video entries and more than 40 million views on their website. Not to mention that by the end of the month, a television show of the same name, that is based on the organization will premiere on MTV.

Roger was honored to be part of the movement by creating the graphics package for the show. It was designed to convey the idea of a community banding together to prevent LGBT teen suicide. The end result was a colorful tapestry of positivity. Booyah! Check out the show open we created below and don’t forget to watch MTV for the premiere!

Are you interested in the “It Gets Better Project”? Want to get involved and learn more? Just go to to join the community!

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Want to get a sneak preview of the short that Roger created with Kiel Johnson and Cypress College? Well, here are a few behind the scenes stills of ‘Cypress Valley High’ for you. An obvious result of a generation that grew up on films such as Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and Weird Science, this film will make you want to put on your hyper-color shirt and boogie

Want more ‘Cypress Valley High’? Check out the trailer at and stay tuned for updates on the upcoming premiere.

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We were asked to make a short piece about optimism for the OWN network. When we showed this to Oprah Winfrey she was like: “Uhhhh, I don’t get it”. Whatever Oprah, we like it.