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Checkout British photographer Will Robson’s new website! Its full of eye candy we think you will enjoy!

We were stoked to participate in this years Bloomfest 2012. The festival took over our neighborhood for the day with a local grassroots feel of local made artist goods, live music, and community experience curated events. For our part we created the neighborhood bicycling frog as he tours the hot spots of our area on his way to Bloomfest. Check out the video here.

A frog goes to Bloomfest from Roger LoudAndClear on Vimeo.

To see footage of the event, checkout our very own Justin Wilcott’s time lapse photography…..

Bloomfest 2012 Time Lapse from Roger LoudAndClear on Vimeo.

Roger just wrapped 2 hot, hot shoots with the fine folks over at HGTV for their on air campaign promoting the season of outdoor living. We had a blast on set in Austin & Toronto, but did we mention it was hot??? Check out these behind the scenes pics of our team taking in the sights of Austin, Texas!

Austin Shenanigans Austin Shenanigans Austin Shenanigans Austin Shenanigans

We are absolutely in love with this video by the art department of Bethany Lutheran College!
The film also came along with a hand crafted box of candy…How sweet! Check it out here.

Bethany Lutheran College Bethany Lutheran College

Seth Weiner PST: UNTITLED COLLECTIVE, Golden Crest Poster_Front PST: UNTITLED COLLECTIVE Golden Crest Poster_Front Untitled Collective "Anachronistic Twin Cities" 2011 Proposal Untitled Collective "Value Valet" Proposal Twitter Carrier Pigeon. Sketch of Disruption / Pigeon GPS. Seth Weiner Twitter Carrier Pigeon. I-94, Minnesota. Seth Weiner

Seth Weiner, a Sci-arc graduate and long time friend of Roger, recently collaborated on an installation at the Standard Hotel as part of the on going PST exhibits happening in Los Angeles.

Turns out, we have been following Seth’s work for a while. Take a moment to read our Q&A session with Seth where we tap in to his experiences as a fine artist who found his niche through an Architectural school, and his journey from Michigan to the thriving LA art scene as a working fine artist. He will share with you his secrets of past, present, and still to come projects… Read the full article here:

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Hey there, checkout the teasers we sent to TBS for the Conan O’Brian Network launch last fall. We are all big fans of the Masturbating Bear so when they asked us to pitch on some teasers for the show we were like, “Oh hell yah!” We did this whole thing down and dirty. We cleared out some space at R&R and set up a shoot with all our friends.

We got our resident thespian, Dane, a man of a million voices to play the part of all the male leads.

Here’s beth strutting her stuff

Blake played the part of Conan’s Hair

Theo and Grace helped us setup a proper green screen.

Anyway here is the one that actually made it on air.


Here are the other entrants that won’t make it on TBS. We loved them so much that we wanted to share.

Conan Invasion

Conan Invasion 2

Conan Sex God

- ”The Art of Chase” – Available in The R&R Store

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Party pics from the opening night of “Willie & Snoop” – group art show at R&R.

- ”Willie & Snoop” – Art Available - R&R Store

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